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Website Hosting

Why choose Pritchard Website Hosting for your website?

Because of the service. You can find cheaper, low-budget hosting companies, but you need someone to help you through the complicated maze of website hosting, domain name management and website creation.

Amazing service is what Pritchard Website Hosting is best known for and why your website set-up can be quick and easy.

Pritchard Website Hosting provides all the hosting features you need to accommodate your ministry, business, or personal website. Including:

and much more...

Database support included for Content Management Systems such as WordPress and Joomla.
Our managed servers are backed by an expert support staff providing the best security available.

Domain Names

Ever lost a domain name because it didn't get renewed in time? Pritchard Websites has developed a new system that will guarantee you do not lose your domain name. Additionally, now you will be able to pay just once a year for all your website hosting packages and domain names. This instantly simplifies recording keeping. Contact now for more info.

Website Design

Pritchard Websites LLC has years of experience creating remarkable custom, mobile-friendly websites. Designing websites since 1997, specializing in the Joomla cms since 2005, upgrading over 99 Joomla sites and skilled in modifying templates (html, css, and graphics), Pritchard Websites LLC is also experienced in Wordpress themes customization. Check out the portfolio here...